We also grow some of our food at the Ecovillage and we now have our own plot!.

All kitchen scraps go to our compost buckets and composted on the premises. We will announce compost processing parties on our events page.

Due to the Pandemic we are fully masked while indoors. If you feel uncomfortable being around other people indoors, feel free to co-ordinate with us to make dishes at home and bring them to the serving or drop them off at our kitchen so we can transport them for you by bikes and trailers.

Our kitchen is located at Kailash Ecovillage's community room. Each week we have a "bottomliner" responsible for drafting a meal plan and organizing the meal prep.

However, we rarely stick to the meal plan. Making a FNB meal is all about improvisation, using what you have and trying new things out. We are open to accepting volunteers of any level of food making expertise, from no experience to seasoned chef! 

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Food Not Bombs