The Food Not Bombs Free Skool invites you to share and seek knowledge and appreciation in the areas of social change, economic justice, peace, generosity, diversity, responsibility, speciesism, biking and a sustainable future. We would also would like to share with you how we source and prepare our meals.

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Food Not Bombs



A free book about dealing with climate change by embracing simple living, The book provides a detailed view into preparing for and surviving in a post-collapse society.

We would like to share with you all how we make our yummy, healthy, vegan meals. Learn how to make meal without an exact recipe, with what you have in your kitchen! This is a work in progress... 

Videos dedicated to the world of bikes and bike trailers. Learn how we fix our bikes, how we haul food and other stuff on them and much more.

A lighthearted book exploring climate change and how our lives are connected with the Earth through travel and food.

Climate, Cars & Cows