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Food Not Bombs



Food Not Bombs is a volunteer-based organization, there are no paid positions. This means we rely on community support to make it happen. Anyone can volunteer to do the various activities we do.
​The chapter making the Saturday meal has a sign-up sheet HERE. If you find yourself unable to add you name to the sign-up sheet for any technical reason, feel free to email us. If it's your first time, you're encourage to leave a phone number, in case we need to give you updates.
We encourage our volunteers to come by foot, public transportation and bike.

​​We also have a Slack group that allows facilitation of group decision-making. If you want to be a part of what we do, ask to join in when you come to volunteer.

We could use help with other things that are NOT on the sign-up sheet. We do a major pickup on Friday morning by bike and trailer. We can provide you with one if you want to do it. There might be other pickups happening so if you want to do those, let us know.

Help with social media and other forms of getting the word out is always greatly appreciated and soliciting donations
Are you a photographer? videographer? graphic designer? web designer? We could use your help...